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The music teaching departments of education faculty, fine arts education branches are the main professional music education institutions at present. These institutions meet the need for the music teachers of our country with their graduates. Music teaching programs of education faculties accept students through a special talent test. This study aims to compare one-step musical talent tests and two-step musical talent tests. This comparison is made from the point of two variables: gender and the graduated school. In adition, the last two years one-step musical talent tests are perused and compared among. The data of the study consists of the 400 candidates scores who became successfull at the musical talent tests of a university located in Blacksea Reagion, between 2012-2019. In this study general survey method is used. The data is analysed by using a statistical computer program which is widely used in social sciences. As a result, it’s seen that the average grades of two-step tests in two-voice hearing, rythym repetition, solfege and playing are higher than one-step tests. In-field candidates are more successfull except for 4-voice hearing, rythym repetition, and singing tests. And the success of the female candidates are higher in all other tests except for melody repetition, rythym repetition and playing. At the same time, in 2019 all the scores except for melody repetition are declined. The sharpest decline is seen in solfege. While the number of the out-field students in 2018 was 7, it became 28 in 2019. So it’s possible to say that the decline in phases which requires a musical education background is an expected result due to the decline in number of in-field students. In 2019, the students could manage to repeat 2 and a half rythym measure of 8 rythym measures that given in test. In four voice hearing, they could one of two chord questions.


One-Step Musical Talent Test, Two-Step Musical Talent Test, Music Education.


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