Many scientific studies have been conducted in reading and writing, which have great impacts on the lives of individuals. The findings of such studies affect the subjects, approaches and trends of further studies to be carried out in this field. Examining the research in the literature on literacy instruction which shapes the education life of individuals, with a holistic approach to determine their contribution to the field will guide further studies. Investigation of postgraduate theses that are conducted as in-depth academic studies is significant to uphold the quality of on literacy instruction and shed light on future research. Examining postgraduate theses in which in-depth academic studies are carried out is important in terms of increasing the quality of primary literacy teaching and shedding light on future research. This research aims to investigate postgraduate theses on literacy between 2010-2020 in Turkey through thematic content analysis. To this end, a total of 104 postgraduate theses accessed from the database of the Higher Education Council (YÖK) were analyzed through the thematic content analysis method. Postgraduate theses were investigated by the parameters of the distribution of thesis types by years, aim, study group, methodology, data collection tool, data analysis method, conclusion, and recommendations. The remarkable results of the research; The number of postgraduate theses at doctorate level is low, the number of theses in which student, parent and teacher working groups are carried out together, and the mixed method is less preferred in theses. When the results about the purposes for which the graduate theses are written are examined, the results of the theses are examined in terms of students' literacy skills/school adaptation/school maturity, factors affecting literacy skills, the effectiveness of various teaching methods/activities in primary literacy teaching, the curriculum, the problems experienced in primary literacy teaching, textbooks/ eight categories were reached, including CD/educational software, examination of teacher/pre-service teachers' competencies/attitudes/concerns and other subjects. It has been determined that there is no thesis that examines measurement and evaluation in depth in literacy teaching. The remarkable findings regarding the results of the graduate theses are; It can be summarized as the students' reading-writing skills are at a sufficient sufficient level, the students' vocabulary is sufficient and the students show signs of anxiety in literacy teaching, and the problems experienced in literacy teaching are mostly caused by the mother tongue problem/the inadequacy of Turkish and the deficiencies of the curriculum.


Literacy, Literacy instruction, Postgraduate theses, Thematic content analysis