Learning environments have become learner-centered in line with the opportunities offered by developing the technology. Blended learning is one of the approaches in which learner-centered activities are successfully implemented with technology enriched opportunities. Flipped learning is one of the techniques in the rotation model of blending learning. In this study, the effect of flipped learning on pre-service teachers' presentation software knowledge and skills was investigated. The study was carried out in a pretest-posttest control group design which is one of the real experimental models. 40 pre-service teachers (27 female, 13 male) in the experimental group and 35 pre-service teachers (26 female, 9 male) in the control group participated in the study voluntarily. The possibility of computer and internet access outside the classroom was used as a criterion in the determination of the experimental group. Independent samples t-test was used to determine whether there was a significant difference between the pre and post-test mean scores and presentation evaluation points of the experimental and control groups. Paired samples t-test analysis was used to determine achievement test scores the difference between before and after the process. It was found that both groups were equivalent to each other at the beginning and end of the teaching process. Although there was no significant difference between the post-test scores of both groups, it was seen that the test scores of the pre-service teachers increased at the end of the process. When the effect sizes of the processes were examined, the flipped learning technique had more effect than the traditional teaching method. At the end of the process, presentations prepared by pre-service teachers were examined by two experts and evaluated through rubrics. According to results, flipped technique contributed more to the pre-service teachers' skills interested in designing and developing computer presentation.


Flipped learning, higher education, information technologies