Technology not only simplifies people's lives, but also limits their mobility, escalating health issues. Inactivity has increased even more as a result of the recent pandemic, which has created working from home options for both students and employees globally. In order to improve their quality of life and maintain their health, people should participate in physical activity. In addition to having the desire to exercise, a person's body needs to be sensitive and psychologically prepared. It's crucial for the person to understand and be conscious of his body. In light of this, the purpose of our study is to determine whether the variable of motivation to participation in physical activity predicts the body awareness of university students. To ascertain whether the variable of motivation to participate in physical activity was a predictor of university students' body awareness, stepwise linear regression analysis was carried out. Additionally, scores on body awareness and motivation to participate in physical activity were examined in relation to the gender variable using the Independent Samples T-Test. As a result of the analyzes, it was concluded that university students' body awareness and motivation to participate in physical activity were similar for female and male students. As a result of the regression analysis, it was discovered that this variable accounted for 17% of the total variance when only the individual reasons for participation in physical activity were included in the model in the first stage. The explained variance rose to 18% in the second stage after the environmental reasons variable was included in the model. The development of students' physical, emotional, social, motor, and mental skills as well as their overall health is supported by physical activity. Students who adopt a healthy lifestyle may also be aware of how their bodies have changed. In light of this information, it is considered that it is essential to carry out research to motivate students to exercise and be in realization of the variation to their bodies.


Body awareness, participation in physical activity, motivation