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Writing Rules


Articles must be presented as it is stated below:

After writing is sent  from the personal page which is entered with e-mail address and password,  the judge process can be pursued from the same system via Article Following System. After this stage, for being done the revision must be waited for report’s coming from all the judges because the writers can add revisions just once. When the writing is subjoined after done the revision that one judge wants, after that stage a second judge’s claim for one more revision won’t be done.

Title: Title must be consistent with the content and it must be written with bold and 12 font.

Writer name(s) and address: Below the title of writing mustn’t be placed informations like writer name, appellation, the institution that he works and an e-mail address. As writer names could be seen by the administor of the system the information will be enclosed by the editor. While the writings are being subjoined to the system, it must be sured about there is no information about the wrtiter in the writing. This case is important for the judges to have a better way to analyse the article.

Abstract: At the begining of the article there must be an english abstract which infers the topic shortly and briefly and consists at 200-300 words.  With spacing a line below the summary there must be key words which are at least 3 and at most 5. Abstract drafting must be written with 10 font and with one line spacing.  Abstract writing must be written 1 cm inside from left and right.

The main drafting: It must be written at A4 size (29,7*21cm), MS Word programme, with 10 font Calibri writing style and 1,5 line spacing. At the edges of the page there must be 2,5 cm and pages mustn’t be numbered. At article drafting there musn’t be indented, breaks must be set off with spacing1 line (12nk).

All the information in footnote must be written with 9 font and 1 line spacing.

Chapter titles: Main and subtitles could be used for conveying even information and if it is necessary, the titles could be numbered in article.

Tables and diagrams: Tables must have numbers and titles. Tabbles must be in the place where drafting must be. Diagrams must be prepared for the colour print.  Diagram numbers and names must be written below the diagram.

Pictures: They must be placed in the drafting with high resolution. While naming the pictures should be obeyed the rules of diagrams and tables.

Citation and references: The articles sended to our journal must be abided the Standard of citation and reference stated below. The studies which doesn’t abide this Standard will be negotiated back for revision. Citiations which are more than one or two sentences must be written 1 cm inside from left and right. 

Below the title of bibliography, references must be listed according to their surnames at the end of the drafting. suspended paragraph must be carried for bibliography.


References should be prepared according to APA7 rules.


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    Publication Language

    From the month of January 2020, the articles which will be sent to the journal have to be uploaded to the system in English and Turkish. The articles which do not comply with the format will not be taken under review.

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