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Publication Ethics

Our journal is a scientific, referred, online journal in which there will be publications about the theoretical and practical studies.

  • In journal there are the studies which didn’t take place another publication. The studies published for it is not published or any pubshing is not set any other place before, the legal results which are about the copyright completely belong to author(s).
  • If the studies are supported by any institution or company, this institution or company should be noted as a foot note.
  • The information of the authors who are the members of our journal is only used for INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHES.
  • The studies sent to the journal is presented the evaluation of two refrees. If it is necessary the study could be analysed by more than two refree. The studies sent to evaluation author’s and refree’s names kept private.
  • If refrees don’t evaluate the study in a reasonable period of time, the study could be sent to diferrent refrees.
  • According to the process of the assessment of the reviewer, editorial committee makes a decision on the approval and denial of the article or its publication after the emendation.The journal reserves the right to edit, to publish or not to publish the posted works.
  • The author has to follow the adjustment suggestions.
  • Author(s) can oppose the refree’s negative opinions if they can show any evidence. This objection is analysed and if it is thought necessary a differrent refree’s opinion is taken.
  • For the publication of the studies author(s) has to take into consediration of the Refree and Advisory Council.
  • Legal liability arising from the content of the work published in the journal rests entirely with the author(s).
  • The studies sent for the publication can’t return whether or not published.
  • The legal obligations of the journal which are context  wholly belong to its author(s).
  • Our journal adopts open access policy. It is free to access to International Journal of Eurasia Social Sciences. The policy of Budapest Open Access Initiative has been applied in our journal. http://www.budapestopenaccessi nitiative.org/read
  • In our Journal, CC BY licence type has been used. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ 
  • The editor of the journal must comply with the ethical responsibilities contained in the COPE code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors (COPE Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors, published by‘ The Committe on Publication Ethics (Committe on Publication Ethics)  -  COPE  (https://publicationethics.org/)   

The following issues should be followed under the title of ethical rules.

1. Ethics committee approval must be obtained fo studies conducted in all disciplines for studies on clinical and experimental human and animals requiring ethical committee decision, this approval must be specified and documented in the article.

2. Under this title, the arbitrator, author and editor should be provided with information about the rules of ethics under separate titles.

3. Articles should include a statement about the compliance of Research and Publication Ethics.

4. In studies requiring ethics committee permission, information about the permit (name of the committee, date and number) should be included in the method section and also on the first / last page of the article. In case reports , information about the volunteer informed / consent form being signed should be included in the article.

5. Copyright regulations must be followed for the ideas and works of art used.

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    Publication Language

    From the month of January 2020, the articles which will be sent to the journal have to be uploaded to the system in English and Turkish. The articles which do not comply with the format will not be taken under review.

    H. W. Wilson (Education Full Text)

    Our journal has been indexed in H. W. Wilson (Educatin Full Text) since June 2019.

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