STEM is a new approach that aims to provide students with the skills of interdisciplinary cooperation, open communication, critical thinking, production, creativity and solving problems by integrating knowledge and skills in the fields of science, technology, mathematics and engineering. For a qualified STEM Education, qualified teachers are needed first. It is effective for teachers, who are the practitioners of STEM Education, to acquire the knowledge and skills required by this approach while studying at the undergraduate level. Some concepts that are difficult to explain are explained by liking another concept through metaphors, and the use of elements used in daily life in simulation provides a new perspective on the facts. When considered in teacher education, metaphors are seen as a structure that enables teachers to make sense and shape their professional roles. In this sense, using metaphors as an important tool of perception is considered important to reveal the underlying teachers' roles in the classroom and their beliefs and assumptions about education. The purpose of this research is to determine the perceptions of pre-service teachers who receive STEM education on STEM education through metaphors. The participants of the research are 202 pre-service teachers studying in Computer and Instructional Technologies, Science, Elementary Mathematics and Turkish Language Teaching program. In this research, which aims to determine the pre-service teachers' perceptions about STEM education, the research design of phenomenology was used. The data obtained from pre-service teachers who were able to establish meaningful metaphors from the pre-service teachers participating in the research, or logically explain the reason for the metaphors they established were evaluated by the content analysis technique by two researchers. When the metaphors and relational contexts produced by the pre-service teachers were examined, it was determined that they had positive thoughts regarding STEM education, they perceived STEM education as a new interdisciplinary approach that will carry education forward, provide socialization and communication, and be undeniable. The results obtained with the research findings provide important elements in terms of the application steps and components of the future studies.


STEM, metaphor, pre-service teacher, teacher education