Every individual has the potential for creativity. The important thing is that this potential can be revealed. This is possible by supporting the creativity of individuals, providing them with opportunities and creating environments that can improve their creativity. Childhood is a time of unlimited purity and imagination. This period is the most important process in the development of creativity. As the child grows, his experience increases and his creativity will develop if his experiences are related to creativity. For this reason, the most important period is the pre-school period, which covers the period from the birth of the child to the primary school age. Thus, it is very important to carry out studies that support creativity in preschool education. The aim of this study is to examine the theses, articles and notifications about creativity in preschool education conducted by Turkish researchers in Turkey by using meta-synthesis method and to reveal the tendency of creativity in preschool education. In addition, another aim of the study is to raise awareness that the emphasis on creativity in preschool education is an important step towards supporting the development and progress of individuals and societies. Thus, it is thought that the research will support both the literature and the work to be done on creativity for teachers in pre-school education. It will also guide preschool teachers in gaining different perspectives on creativity, in the activities they do in their classrooms and in their approaches to their students. For meta-synthesis, 11 studies that provide qualitative data for studies conducted in the field of preschool education in Turkey were selected. Studies providing only quantitative data and non-Turkish studies are excluded. The characteristics of the studies used in meta-synthesis were separated according to the author, the method of the research, data collection tools, sample group, data analysis, and study type. "What results have been obtained in research on creativity in preschool education?" by examining the research results related to the sub-problem, the definitions of creativity, the importance of creativity in early childhood, the factors that develop and hinder creativity, activities in creativity, creativity in preschool education programs were created and the results were evaluated under these themes.


Preschool education, creativity, education, meta-synthesis, early childhood