The aim of this study is to determine the relationship between the school principals’ transformational leadership behaviors and the school commitment of teachers according to the perceptions of teachers working at primary, secondary and high schools. The research is conducted in relational survey model as a descriptive study. The population of the research is 3115 and the researcher used the stratified sampling method to specify the sample of the study according to school type. The sample of the study is 342 teachers and researcher gathered data from 356 teachers. In this study, the researcher used the Transformational Leadership Scale (TLS) and the Organizational Commitment Scale (OCS). The data distribution was normal so the researcher analyzed the significant difference between the variables and teachers’ gender and educational status via independent sample t-test analysis and teachers’ age, seniority, type of school and tenure at the current institution via One-Way ANOVA. Researcher also used correlation analysis to determine the relationship between the school principals’ transformational leadership behaviors and school commitment of teachers. Additionally, regression analysis was used to determine whether school administrators’ transformational leadership behavior was a predictor of teachers’ school commitment. According to the results, male teachers’ level of school commitment was higher.  Additionally, transformational leadership behaviors perceptions and school commitment of older teachers were higher and there were no significant differences in terms of education status, institution type and tenure at the current school. Moreover, there is a high level of and positive significant relationship between transformational leadership characteristics and school commitment. Finally, it was seen that transformational leadership characteristics predicted 63% of school commitment. According to the findings, it is important for school principals to show transformational leadership characteristics in order to increase teachers’ school commitment. Policy makers should also consider transformational leadership characteristics while assigning school administrators. 


Leadership, transformational leadership, school commitment, school administrators, teachers.