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Along with the changes and developments that took place in technology, new fields of study emerged within the scope of citizenship education. One of these is digital citizenship. In this context, it is important to reveal students' attitudes towards technology and digital citizenship. The purpose of this research is to examine the digital citizenship attitudes of middle school students in terms of various variables and to ascertain whether the attitude towards technology is a significant predictor of digital citizenship. In the research, it was benefited from quantitative research approach and relational survey design was used. The 450 middle school students attended the study in a city where located in the middle of Central Anatolia Region in Turkey. The random sampling method was used in the selection of the research sample. The research data were obtained by means of "Digital Citizenship Attitude" and "Pupils’ Attitude towards Technology" scales. The research data were collected during the 2017-2018 academic year. The obtained data were entered into SPSS package program and t-test for independent groups, one-way analysis of variance and linear regression analysis were used in the analysis of data. As a result, there was a significant difference between the attitudes of digital citizenship and internet access, Internet usage year, internet usage area, internet usage skill, level of knowing rights and responsibilities, father and mother education status variables. It was also reached that the attitude toward technology is a significant predictor of the attitude of digital citizenship.


Digital citizenship, attitude towards technology, survey research.


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