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Teachers, students and parents are the basic elements of education. Healthy and strong communication between these elements will increase the quality of education. Effective communication will gain more depth with positive emotions that will be developed mutually. The best way to identify these feelings is to express their perceptions of each other using metaphors. The aim of this study is to determine the metaphoric perceptions of parents, who are an important part of education, to reveal their feelings towards teachers, which is another important part. This study, which aims to reveal the metaphoric perceptions of parents about the concept of teacher, is structured by using qualitative research method. A case study was used in order to examine the parents' opinions about the teacher in depth. In depth study will be possible with case study. Data were collected using semi-structured interview forms. In semi-structured interview forms ‘Teacher………like this. Because,………’’ in the sentence left blank by producing appropriate metaphors, were asked to fill. The collected data were converted into codes and categories using the Nvivo program. The distributions of codes and categories according to gender, age and educational status were calculated by using frequency and percentages and converted into interpretable tables. As a result of this study, the 65 code and 5 categories were obtained as a result of the study of the metaphors of the parents in relation to the concept of teacher and it was observed that the metaphors formed by the parents against the teacher concept were generally positive. With this result, it can be stated that teachers are important and valuable for parents and healthy communication channel is open.


Teacher, parent, metaphor.


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