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The states on the world, design their main government organization under their form of states. At the present time states accept unitary or federal govenment while states have different government forms. Organization of federal government is different than organization unitary government. This situation is more clear on local government issue. At the present time that only 25 states use federalism in the word, it is possible to talk about American Federalism and American Local Governments. Until today, many academic studies about local American governments have been made and the aim is to make a comparison with our country. At first, it should be specified that it is not possible to talk about a single type local American government. In the USA, which has 50 States, each State can organize its local administration within the borders of state as they wish in accordance with their own Constitution and Law. Today, it is possible to talk about the practice differences among States. Both the difference of federalism system from unitary system and the diversity of practices in States make it difficult to compare the system of our country with the system in the USA in terms of local governments. In the USA that federal government is central government, States, counties, municipal governments, town and townships governmens and special districts are creating USA local governments.


U.S.A. Federal Government, USA Local Goverments, State’s Goverments


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