The coronavirus outbreak, which first appeared in Wuhan, China and became a global pandemic after spreading in multiple countries around the world not only have had social, economic, and cultural impacts on the world countries but also caused the death of many people. After the coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have reached Turkey in the sixth week of the 2019-2020 spring semester, it was decided to suspend face-to-face teaching in all higher education institutions in Turkey. Until the coronavirus pandemic, educational activities in Turkey and in many countries of the world had not seen such a long break. Following the decision to suspend face-to-face classes, the Turkish Council of Higher Education decided that educational activities would be carried out in digital learning environments. In this research, which sought to investigate the general approaches to distance music education that started to be implemented in higher education institutions after the global pandemic, semi-structured online interviews were held with faculty members in the music departments of universities in order to determine their views on and suggestions about the planning, implementation, and evaluation of distance music education. The data obtained from the interviews were analyzed, and the demographic information of the interviewed faculty members as well as their approaches to, views on, and suggestions about distance music education were included in the research. The research enrolled 46 faculty members working in the music departments of higher education institutions located in different parts of Turkey. In order to achieve content validity and homogeneity, care was taken to ensure the equal distribution of the universities by regions. The research contains faculty members’ suggestions about distance music education in Turkey as well as their approaches to the problems of the distance music education process. The data, results, and suggestions reported in the research are thought to contribute to distance music education as well as to the formation of new educational approaches after the pandemic.


Global pandemic, distance music education, distance education in Turkey, general approaches to distance education