It is important to raise awareness of people about reducing environmental problems. With the training to be given within the family and in educational institutions, individuals who are sensitive to the environment, aware, and have an environmentally friendly consumption mentality can be raised. Therefore, it is expected that pre-service teachers, who will train future generations, to have an awareness on "green consumption" This study aims to determine the pre-service teachers' "green consumption" awareness. The data collection tool used in this study, in which survey model one of the quantitative research methods was employed, is the "Green Consumption Awareness Scale" developed by the researcher. The validity and reliability outcomes of the developed scale (KMO: 0.867) showed that it is quite reliable. The study sample consisted of 151 fourth-grade students attending the education faculty in the 2018-2019 academic year. The data were analyzed using the SPSS 16.0 software, t-test, and ANOVA tests were used in the analysis. According to the results, there is no significant difference between the pre-service teachers' green consumption awareness according to gender and taking a lesson related to the environment. A significant difference was found between their income level and departments and their green consumption awareness. This fact suggested that pre-service teachers may have awareness about green consumption because of the environmental concepts and environmental problems covered by the subjects they learn. Pre-service teachers' awareness on green consumption increases at the higher income level. Accordingly, course content that raises green consumption awareness of pre-service teachers, who will train future generations, should be created. Besides, regulations can be made for each individual to adopt green consumption.


Green consumption, green consumption awareness scale, awareness