Turkey in the field of education, as in many areas along the declaration of the Republic also made drastic changes. For this purpose, while preparing education programs in primary and secondary school levels, plans have been made for physical education lessons in these programs. While physical education is relevant literature of studies on the structural changes it has undergone in Turkey are analyzed, physical education lessons relevant to the content and implementation has been determined that there was not enough work. With this study, the application and evaluation criteria of physical education in primary and secondary education curriculum between 1923-1973 were analyzed. For this purpose, a detailed literature analysis was conducted, especially in the publications of the Ministry of National Education and the Journal of Announcements between 1939-1973, which were published by the Board of Education. While case study, one of the qualitative research methods, was used to reach the findings, attention was paid to the meaningfulness of the data in data collection and analysis processes. In this direction, the consistency between the purpose of the study, data collection tool and data analysis was constantly taken into consideration. In addition, content analysis was made in the light of the data obtained in the research. According to the results of the research, it was observed that between the years 1923-1973, course curricula were prepared in different years, and there were different planning during the course hours of physical education lessons in these curriculum programs. In addition to these curriculum studies, studies on physical education course hours were also carried out by the Board of Education. The Board of Education has also prepared guidelines on how physical education lessons should be conducted and exam evaluation should be. All of these regulations are considered as a reflection of the regulations made in the general education system with the declaration of the Republic on physical education lessons. While physical education lessons were included in every curriculum, albeit under different names, in all curriculum studies between 1923-1973, it is thought that it is a deficiency for the physical education lesson to be planned as one hour per week for each class, especially in secondary schools and high schools. On the other hand, in the implementation and evaluation of the physical education lesson, it was also striking that a very detailed lesson plan content and evaluation system was applied when the circumstances of the period are taken into consideration.


Primary education, secondary education, physical education, curriculum.