The blended learning model, which has been examined in the literature in recent years as a new orientation in teaching methods and brought to the agenda by organizational changes by accelerating the access to information, brings a perspective to the educational approach of learning without borders by taking K outside the walls. In the blended learning model, in which distance education tools are used together with face-to-face education, it is seen that leadership practices and learning environments are diversified as a result of technology-based use of teaching programs and administrative services. In recent years, there has been a tendency to combine different teaching methods to carry out learning effectively. For this purpose, the blended learning model, which combines both technology and traditional teaching methods by mixing various teaching strategies, has emerged with the spread of e-learning models. In the age of information and communication technologies (ICT), with schools starting to use technology in learning areas, it becomes a necessity for education administrators to take on new roles and responsibilities and leadership in the field of technology. In the field of information technology as a learning leader, the education administrator is expected to aims to encourage teachers to demonstrate practices and continuously improve, to provide meaningful learning opportunities to all teachers, support staff, students and families, to develop students' problem-solving, collaboration, and use of technology skills to support students' construction of knowledge. This study discusses the changes in blended learning and educational organizations in terms of the technology leadership approach. For this purpose, the blended learning model, reasons for its spread and current orientations regarding the vision and duties of education administrators as technology leaders were explained. In this study, suggestions were made for education administrators and experts involved in educational policies.


Blended learning, mixed learning, technology leadership, education administrator.