There are many opinions on the use of "intermediary language/mother tongue" in foreign language teaching. While some of these views approve the use of mother tongue/intermediary language to a certain extent at certain levels, others argue that it should not be used at all. Mother tongue acquisition and foreign language learning are different phenomena. For this reason, the methods of the instructors change according to the purpose, target audience and learning environment in foreign language teaching. When starting from scratch to learn a new foreign language, the student will develop ways to learn a new language with the master language codes in his brain, whether or not. The lecturers will also use the language codes prepared to ease the student and course flow at the starting level. In this study, it is aimed to determine whether the lecturers use an intermediary language in the classrooms where Turkish is taught as a foreign language, what is the preferred intermediary language for the applicants, and why, in what circumstances, how often they benefit from this intermediary language. The study was qualitative research and was carried out by the document review technique based on the scan model. In ___ TOMER, videos of Turkish courses conducted remotely online in the 2020-2021 academic year were accessed. Course records of 10 lecturers and 30 students of three classes for 6 weeks at A basic level were monitored. Findings were evaluated by descriptive content analysis. According to the results of the study, it was determined that the lecturers used the intermediary language, the preferred intermediary language was English, and the reason for choosing this language was that the common language that the majority of students know, and that they are competent in this language. The week in which lecturers use the intermediary language is the first week of the lesson. As the number of Turkish words that students know increases, the number of English words used by the lecturers has decreased in reverse rate. The common reasons for all lecturers to refer to the intermediary language in the courses are to introduce the system, explain the instructions and instructions, introduce themselves and introduce the student, explain new words, explain grammar rules, give assignments, ask questions, to say hello, say goodbye, approve or correct the wrong.


Learn Turkish as a foreign language, intermediary language, benefiting from the mother tongue/intermediary language in teaching, foreign language teaching.