This study seeks to reveal the perceptions of sport as a concept from the perspective of children who are active in different branches of sport. In this context, children actively engaged in sport through courses of sport were asked to create metaphors and drawings to reveal their perceptions of the term sport. For this purpose, 58 children who actively participate in sports through courses of sport in different provinces (Şırnak, Diyarbakır, Muş, Samsun, Çorum) were included in the study. This study was designed based on the "phenomenology" model, which is one of the qualitative research designs, and the sample was selected via "criterion sampling", one of the sampling techniques. In the study, criterion sampling method, which is among the types of purposive sampling method, was used to identify the metaphorical perceptions of sport from the perspective of children. Children were asked to complete the sentence “Sport is like/similar to …… for me as ……” to reveal their metaphorical perceptions of sport. In addition, they were asked to draw pictures to identify their thoughts reflecting this concept. In the study, the analysis of the data obtained through the information form prepared for the students was analysed by the content analysis method. As a result of the analysis of the research data, the perception of the concept of sport for children was themed under eight categories: "success, inner world/emotion, universality, multi-dimensional development, sociability/cooperation/fair-play, entertainment/game/recreational activity, quality of life, and competition/struggle". In line with the findings, It is concluded that the term sport for children is an important factor in being an element of winning, enabling self-development of individuals, providing personal, physical, spiritual, and social development as well as pleasure and happiness, playing a role in the development of individuals' self-confidence, and being effective in unearthing talents. In addition, it is observed that children associate sport with concepts such as sharing, unity, solidarity, using time effectively and efficiently, enjoyment, a healthy lifestyle, struggling and living to fight. Therefore, it can be said that sport is perceived as a very important concept in many aspects for children.


Sport, child, child perspective, perception of sport.