This research is a descriptive study that includes the opinions of music educators who have experienced courses in the music field during the distance education process, which started as a result of the precautions taken against the Covid 19 epidemic. Music fields, which mostly consist of applied education environments, have also adapted to the change and experienced distance education. The phenomenological design, one of the qualitative research models, was used because this research is a kind of study that focus on the opinions of music educators (n=31) who practice distance education in various institutions, on the experiences they have in this education environment, the problems they encounter, the advantages and disadvantages of distance education. Data were collected by semi-structured interview method in this study. The interviews were conducted via telephone or conducted as online interviews, and audio recordings were taken. One hand, in order to provide maximum diversity from purposeful sampling methods the study group of the research consists of people working in different regions and different institutions, on the other hand using the snowball sampling method in order to reach a rich data source, it consists of (n=7) teachers who have experienced distance education and (n=24) instructors working in the field of music education in seven different regions of Turkey. The obtained data were processed by two independent experts by using the content analysis method, and the reliability formula between codes was utilized. In the results, while the educators did not find the distance education applications sufficient in the fields of music education, they stated that it may be useful with various hardware and software improvements, and that it provides positive effects by providing flexibility in education environments in terms of time and space. According to these results, it is suggested to prepare blended education environments including face-to-face and distance education environments and to prepare enriched data content for more effective education.


Music, music education, distance education, educator’s opinion, covid-19,