The first aim of this study is to determine the importance levels of Turkish language teachers about measurement and evaluation tools, methods and techniques and using them before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The second aim of the study is to determine the opinions of Turkish language teachers about the measurement and evaluation practices they carried out with distance education during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research was designed according to the convergent parallel design of the mixed method. The quantitative study group of the research consists of 271 Turkish language teachers working in public secondary schools a province in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, and the qualitative study group consists of 16 Turkish language teachers in the same group. Personal Information Form, Questionnaire on Using and Caring Levels of Measurement Assessment Tools, Methods and Techniques and semi-structured interview form were used as data collection tools. Statistical analysis techniques, content and descriptive analysis techniques were used to analyse the data. The findings of the study showed that Turkish language teachers' importance levels about and using measurement and evaluation tools, methods and techniques decreased and partially changed during the COVID-19 pandemic compared to the pre-pandemic period. It was determined that most of the teachers could not realise the measurement and evaluation objectives in distance education and this situation was mostly caused by the system, process and student-teacher. They stated that students generally have negative attitudes due to these negative situations. It was determined that the teachers encountered the most problems in writing and speaking skills. Based on all these, when 21st century competencies, developments in technology and especially various measurement and evaluation opportunities offered by artificial intelligence are taken into account, it emerges that Turkish language teachers in Turkey are partially behind the times in measurement and evaluation.


Turkish language teachers, measurement evaluation, measurement and evaluation methods and techniques, COVID-19 pandemic, distance education.