The aim of this research is to investigate the effects of eight weeks of mini trampoline exercises applied to women on some physical fitness parameters. The study included 23 female volunteers (experimental group=12; control group=11) with an average age of 20.5±1.38 years, who were enrolled in the Faculty of Sports Sciences at Dumlupınar University during the academic year 2022-2023. In the study, during the eight-week period, height and body weight, vertical jump, 20-meter sprint, 25-meter V Cut direction change, 1-minute sit-up, and core endurance values were measured at the beginning and end of the process. The training period was two months (8 weeks), with three days per week and one hour per day. After the three-week anatomical adaptation process, mini trampoline exercises were implemented within the eight-week period, increasing the speed of movements and the number of repetitions according to the participants' levels of progress. The data were evaluated using the SPSS (17.0) software package, and the necessary assumptions were checked before conducting the Mixed Measures ANOVA analysis, with a significance level set at p<0.05. As a result, when the differences between the groups before and after the training program were compared, significant improvements were observed in vertical jump (cm, mm), anaerobic power (watt), "20-meter" sprint (seconds, split seconds), "25-meter" V Cut direction change (seconds, split seconds), 1-minute sit-ups (minutes, repetitions), and core endurance (seconds) values in the experimental group, while a significant improvement in core endurance (seconds) values was found in favour of the control group. Regarding the group x measurement interaction, significant improvements in core endurance were observed in both groups. Considering the measurements of vertical jump (cm, mm), "20-meter" sprint (seconds, split seconds), and "25-meter" V Cut direction change (seconds, split seconds), there was a significant interaction in favor of the experimental group. After the eight-week mini trampoline exercise application in women, noticeable improvements were observed in some biomotor characteristics. In conclusion, based on the findings of our study, it has been determined that the eight-week mini trampoline exercises positively contributed to physical fitness.


Physical fitness, women, mini trampoline.