This study aims to develop a valid and reliable scale that will measure the e-sports attitudes of university students. An item pool was created from semi-structured two-week interviews with the participant students to determine their knowledge, feelings, and behaviors about e-sports. Content validity was examined in the preparation of the item pool. E-sports Attitude Scale was applied to two different research groups. There were 403 students in the first group, and as a result of the Explanatory Factor Analysis applied, it was determined that the scale had a three-dimensional structure and consisted of a total of 18 items, 3 of which were reversed. The variance explained by the scale was 67.85%, and the Cronbach Alpha value was .92. The scale consists of Cognitive (6 items) (Cronbach Alpha value .93), Affective (6 items) (Cronbach Alpha value .88) and Behavioral (6 items) (Cronbach Alpha value .88) sub-dimensions. There were 366 students in the second group, and Confirmatory Factor Analysis was performed on the data obtained from this group. As a result of CFA, it was found that the fit indexes of the structure of the scale had acceptable values (X2/sd=2.758, RMSEA: .06, GFI: .090, AGFI: .087, IFI: .094, NFI: .092, CFI: .094, SRMR). : .04, PNFI: .79 and PGFI: .70). Then, item (item load values between .63 and .94) and reliability analyses of the scale were performed, and it was determined that they were at a sufficient level (Cronbach Alpha values were between .88 and .93). In conclusion; It has been determined that the E-sports Attitude Scale is a valid and reliable measurement tool that can be used to measure the e-sports attitudes of university students.


E-sports, Attitude, Scale, Validity, Reliability.