In the historical process, education has been the constant focus of philosophical, sociological, political and economic debates. In this context, the main discussion area is how the objectives of education in general and the school in particular should be, the execution of teaching and learning processes and how the institution is managed and how measurement and evaluation are carried out. The educational policies put forward during the transition from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic of Turkey are still continuing despite the passage of a hundred years. Depending on these discussions, the panoramic historical development of education, the open and closed functions of education and the discussion of the community-based school issue in the context of looking for new school models that will be in harmony with society but will lead society to progress based on how the school should be are the main subject of this article. It is a necessity for the education systems of developing countries to be built on a developmental, transformational and productive structure in social, economic and political contexts. In this respect, it is among the duties expected from the community-based school to raise pedagogical, socially and economically productive students as good producers and consumers who are useful to the society without isolating the schools from the environment. The community-based school has to be both idealistic and realistic. Community-based school; It is another reality that they are national in order to close the social, economic and political differences between developing countries and developed countries. Community-based schools can be valued as a means of raising new generations with the ideals of morality, science and democracy as a means of changing the political management processes of countries. As a matter of fact, in order to solve the problems experienced by the countries in the process of development, especially in the dimension of democratization, there is a need for a generation and a citizen group raised with the ideals of democracy. Community-based schools; In terms of their political functions, they should organize on the basis of raising citizens who have grasped democracy in terms of the whole country, institutions and processes and who have acquired the necessary behaviors.


Community-based schools, sociological functions, political functions.