The purpose of this study is to design, test and evaluate mathematics literacy curriculum based on a constructivist approach towards pre-service teachers. This study is conducted on primary school mathematics pre-service teachers. Data for the main elements of the curriculum are obtained from document analysis in related mathematics literacy teaching. Data for testing and the development of a curriculum template are obtained from semi-structured forms obtained from classes in the application process. The data for the evaluation of the curriculum are obtained from the pre-test, interviews, and the post-test. Obtained findings show that pre-service teachers attended activities with interest and in an active way relating daily life with teaching and preferred to work with groups. These findings show that the constructivist approach in mathematics literacy curriculum is suitable to serve as a basis. At the end of teaching, it is observed that the pre-service teachers gained competencies such as knowing basic concepts of mathematics literacy, selecting among current problems used in this field and develop new problems to be used in this field. Additionally, opportunities and challenges faced by pre-service teachers in the new problem development process are identified. According to those included in the critical category of teaching content show that the number of question transformation activities should be increased under the scope of the curriculum. Accordingly, it is believed that it is beneficial to include mathematics literacy curriculum in the undergraduate programs.


Mathematics literacy curriculum, PISA, question writing